Buck Autrey's  Everglades 350cc "Half-a-Buck"

               Dual E-series displays
               Sirius Weather/Audio
               10kw 6' Bird Radar
               Custom flush mounted-
               2000w transducer
               Back-up depth system
               Dual VHFs
               Clarion stereo system
"This install is now 3 years old and is still flawless.I have been very impressed with the job Tony has done.We've fished the boat  to the Bahamas and back and the sounder has not ever  lost  the bottom at all!"                                       -Buck Autrey          Bahamas Billfish Champion    
The dash BEFORE electronics.
The dash AFTER Raymarine electronics.
Perfectly neat and labeled wiring.
Cavity with custom fiberglass plug inserted.
Fiberglassing complete, ready for bottom paint.
2kw transducer perfectly flush w/bottom
At the time, this was the most powerful transducer option available.(R99 2000watt) We custom flush mounted it because it is huge! That way the face of the transducer is actually making contact with the water for maximum sensitivity, but creates zero drag or steering issues. It reads perfectly all the way to top speed (about 55 mph), will never be hit or bumped, is perfectly water-tight, and is totally removable!
Perfect cut-out, ready for the display.
Sweet new touchscreen Garmin installed.

Q.:What can mark bottom in 2500' @ 50mph?  A: A super-Transducer (R99 2kw) installed perfectly flush with the bottom!
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Just wanted to say how awesome Tony is! Met at my boat this morning, he fixed GPS and stereo issues in 45 minutes. Highly recommend him!

I'm on several internet forums, using Boattronics as my screen name. I spend the most time on the busiest one, FloridaSportsman.com. Please search my name and you will find over 50 recent reviews complete with pictures and contact info for my past customers. Or join in and ask any questions you may have on-line! Examples-
October 26, 2009 - 1:25pm
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I needed to outfit my boat with a small system so I started searching around for possible installers. I am extremely picky about work and try to be extremely meticulous about my boat as it is my baby.  I finally got all my parts as he advised me to buy on ebay or another retailer and gave him a ring.  When I did I gave him a holler and we set up a date that was good for me and him. He showed up where I keep my boat and we discussed to most "procussion-friendly" installation locations and figured out a good game plan. I had a meeting to go to and asked him if I could run, he was completely cool with it. I had my hour and a half meeting, and by the time I was back he had everything wired up. There were no hiccups and he even stuck around to help fine tune the amp and head unit settings.  He charged an EXTREMELY reasonable price and was mobile so no hassle of towing the boat anywhere.  I recommend him to anyone who is interested in any electronics consultation or installation. 

Sorry to crowd the NE section with more reviews but I feel like its hard to come by dependable people sometimes and a review can take the stress away of tech shopping.

December 26, 2008 - 4:54pm

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Guys I just wanted to take a few minutes and tell what great service I recieved from Tony at soundwaves marine electronics here in Jacksonville Florida..I needed a certain part and I called every major store in Florida like boaters world and west marines and they all told me it would be like 3 weeks for the part, Well I called Tony and he made a call and had the item I needed the very next day..It was amazing service during the holiday season and for a 25.00 part that he made no money off of.. I could see him going out of the way for a few thousand dollars but he did it for a 25.00 part.. So guys what Im saying is give this guy a call for all your marine needs.. sales or installation he does it all... Tony at 904-545-1270


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I was filling up the ReefRocket last month and a young man came up to me and asked me if this was Tim's old boat, KORA. I said YEP. He went on with his story of his dad have identical boat but with different gas tank. Gas tank had leaked and blew up "during a kingfish tourney". His dad, Sutherland, hasn't been fishing since.

Back To the point. His father had snapped 3 sets of Lencos and Lenco cut him a deal on these monster tabs, High Performance Racing Tabs, 14 X 24, dual actuator with LED auto-retractable switch. His father still had them in a box in the garage. We cut a deal and I made his next truck payment and I took the tabs out in a box!

Back to the point. Tony Eden, Soundwaves, just installed them on the ReefRocket...and they look sharp. http://soundwavesmarine.com/index.html "Pic is coming"

No more will I be complaining of how the boat is overpowered and too much weight on the rear end. Now I will have to be do explaining on why you can't touch these tabs while running wot. Funny, I have never been able to run wot.

Back to the point. Tony did a great job. If you need any work done, electrical, marine, or trailer wiring...he is your man! Tell him Bobby sent you...I will get a referral on my next job for Tony. 904-545-1270. His office is out at the beach, but he is hungry enough to travel all over Jax! When I saw he had done Tim's electronics on the new Lit Up "before it was borrowed"...I decided to give Tony a try. It was a good decision.

Sun, 03/22/2009 - 21:04
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Just want to thank tony for a outstanding job done installing my TM and CMD5 and cleaning up the wires . He was a pleasure to be around and did a great job. If anyone needs electrical work done in the NE I would only recommend Tony for the job. Thanks for all the help and a great job

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Tony at soundwaves is awesome. I have been having issues with the fuse block in my T Top. I called Tony left a message. He called me back and walked me through a couple of things to troubleshoot. Plus, where and what parts to buy. It is not often you get customer service like this when you don't even purchase a product from a company. I WISH, I lived closer to Jax, as Tony would be the only person I would trust with my boat. It may be worth the trip if I can not fix the issue.THANKS AGAIN TONY.....

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One rarely hears a compliment from a customer. I leave for the Bahamas tomorrow and a replacement set of neon lights arrived yesterday, a week late. I called Tony as he did the original installation of my electronics and stereo system and they are as tight as they were 5 years ago. Tony explained he is 2 weeks booked with jobs. He knows we use the lights as a safety feature because they do not affect your vision at night. We do most of our traveling at night so I was hoping to have them installed. He showed up at my home last night at 7 and by 10 they were operational and ready to go. I just thought the local boating community would like to hear about a positive experience from a local provider taking pride in his work. Thank you Tony.

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re: HuntressJax Yeah Tony... keep that service up and you'll be in business for years!!

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re: HuntressJax Thanks a lot Todd! If anyone puts their electronics to the limits it's you! Constant charters, private use and extreme trips through the Bahamas and back, you put more miles on your yacht in a few years than most folks do the life of their vessel! And what a great girl she is.

I'm sure right about now that you are heading back to West End after a great day on Matanilla Reef putting your clients on epic pelagics.

I owe you some props too Todd- ( this is a true story!)
In 2006, I got my best buddy Brian to come along on a trip with Todd to the Bahamas. Brian had never even been offshore fishing in his life. On day one, we strapped him in every time the reel went off. He caught a tuna, mahi, wahoo, kingfish and marlin all in the same day. Seriously! His first marlin day one was a white and the next day we caught a blue. We told him this was absolutely crazy, this never happens, and he should quit fishing before he becomes obsessed and spends a bunch of money doing it the rest of his life.

Soon after we returned, Brian bought his first boat.

Another notable story was when we homed in on a single frigate bird with the radar from 7 miles away, and then caught a 47lb mahi under it!

Many great times. Thanks again for the kind words and I can't wait to hear the report!

If any of you have been dreaming of a custom charter to the Bahamas and back (local charters as well) - Todd is your man!

Tony Eden, Boattronics of North Florida-(Click here http://boattronics.net/)

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re: Boattronics well to hear of tony doing a good job really comes as no suprise as most here know he's a force to be reckoned with  but to hear he showed up at a time when most are either too whipped to do anything or they are 3 sheets to the wind  really shows that tony takes what he does seriously  nice work bro 

definition of a fisherman: a jerk at one end of the line waiting for a jerk at the other end 

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re: HuntressJax Thought I would add here versus another thread...

A HUGE thanks to Tony for coming out and getting my hard cover t-top and electronics off(GPS, VHF, stereo, lights, etc) so Adam could fix my T-Top welds and then coming back the next day to put it all back together so I go get on the water tomorrow!!!!! Squeezing me in like that made my day!!! He called me when he was done, sooner than I expected!!

Again thanks Tony for getting me back and running soo quickly!!!



26' Angler CC - Twin 150 Yamaha

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re: HuntressJax Thanks a lot Chris! 
I'm glad things worked out in time, and great job putting dad on the fish, congrats! 
You two caught more fish than most 5 person tourney crews!

The spring rush was crazy this year, (folks are ready to fish again!) but now things are getting back to normal. Getting home today at a decent hour was a treat!

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Tony Eden, Boattronics of North Florida-(Click here http://boattronics.net/)

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